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Father Uses Bad Driver To Teach His Son A Lesson

This is the moment a father teaches his young son about karma after a reckless driver cuts cuts them up before being swiftly snared by the police.

As they were driving across a busy crossroads in Ipswich, Suffolk,  a black Ford darts in front of them and narrowly escapes a crash.
But unbeknownst to the foolish driver, a police car is on the opposite side of the road and immediately flicks on its blue flashing lights and pursues the Ford.

The instant karma spawns a heartwarming father-son moment, where the parent passes down some wise words to his inquisitive child. 
After the boy asked sweetly 'what happened Daddy?,' the father replied: 'The car in front nearly crashed into Daddy and that police car is going to stop him.'
The police car swoops in on the Ford, which pulls over on the roadside, and the child continues his questions, asking 'is that what police do?', to which his father says yes.

As they motor past the careless driver, the father's lesson on karma appears to have been hammered home.
The boy says: 'I want to be a policeman when I grow up. I want to get bad people.'

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