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Car Slams Into Truck Trying to Fit Through Tight Gap

Before the world of dashcams, things like happened on a daily basis around the world, with only the witnesses getting the satisfaction of watching instant karma in action, but the internet changed that.

These days, we can watch a collision occur in Russia, like this one here, the same day that it happened, despite thousands of kilometres separating the two countries.

According to a local report, this incident occurred just last week in the Russian city of St Petersburg. Miraculously no one was seriously injured, but it could've easily been much worse.

The video shows the white VW Passat in a serious hurry blasting past the cammer's car around the 18 seconds mark, before attempting to squeeze between two large trucks.

While the gap looks quite big from the footage, the driver manages to lose control and clip the large truck and trailer unit twice during the manoeuvre. 
Upon getting hit a second time, the truck loses control and makes a sharp right turn into the concrete barrier, sandwiching the VW sedan in the middle.
When the VW eventually comes back into view, it has been crushed from almost every direction, making it a true miracle that the driver survived let alone avoided serious harm.

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